Maintaining A Safe Workplace Involves Training.

The Power of Good Advice!

Domestic violence training is intended to make employers more aware of how domestic violence can negatively affect the workplace and your company's bottom line and train your leadership teams on how to respond to incidents in a timely, professional and yet caring manner.   You can begin to create a safer workplace environment and immediately decrease the chances of workplace violence incidents such as domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and harassment with our corporate wellness training program. Having a set of procedures in place can help you stay prepared for any type of situation.  At JSource Training Solutions, LLC our Recognize, Respond and Refer method will provide effective and practical training and can assist you in implementing a Domestic Violence Workplace Policy for your employees and company possibly the difference in life and death.

Customize To Make You A Supporter of Safe Environments.

  • Abuse/Violence Prevention and Response Workshop Presentation & Training.

  • Assistance Implementing A Preventive Abuse Policy.

Industries Served Include:

  • Educational Institutions

  • Civic organizations

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • Churches

  • Small Businesses