Our Company

JSource Training Solutions, LLC provide domestic/sexual violence awareness and prevention training, vulnerability assessments, and assistance with implementing domestic violence prevention policies in the workplace.  Our corporate wellness program is used by faith-based institutions, civic organizations and local businesses.


Domestic violence is no longer a private matter.  It does not stay at home when its victims go to work.  Our training workshops will help you recognize signs and learn about the opportunities to help keep victims save, hold abusers accountable and protect your employees and your company.


Because managers are not in a position to address domestic violence as a separate issue unless the employee self-discloses the problem, managers should understand how to appropriately address changes in behavior that is affecting performance.


Engage and publicize the services of an EAP or local domestic violence agencies which can present options and resources available to victims. Presenting training workshops in a group setting reduces any embarrassment and shame.  Therefore, you have to make it mandatory training.  So that those who are in attendance doesn't feel as if they have self-identified themselves as the abuser or the abused.

Cynthia R. Bennett is the owner of JSource Training Solutions, LLC.  She is also the founder of JADASA a social service agency assisting abused women and children with resources since June 2002.  She provides group training, workshops and empowerment seminars to local groups around the Metropolitan St. Louis Area. Cynthia earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Management, Masters in Project Management and Certificates in Domestic and Sexual Violence Training.  She has developed a domestic violence workplace video training program and webinar to assist in recognizing, responding and referring procedures.


Cynthia is a current member of the state coalition MCADSV (Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence).  JSource Training Solutions, LLC is a member of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis, MO; and a certified WBE/MBE woman-owned, minority-owned business in the State of Missouri.

Cynthia R. Bennett